Protect your loved ones

Looking after the future of your family and business is a priority for you. That is why you must take the necessary steps to protect them from the various risks they may encounter. Our team of experts is here to support you throughout this planning process.

Protect Your Loved Ones

Life insurance is a wealth management tool that is part of a long-term investment approach. Our teams have a comprehensive range of life insurance solutions to meet your specific needs.

In Luxembourg, BNP Paribas Wealth Management enables you to take advantage of a special partnership with Cardif Lux Vie, a Luxembourg life insurance company for which BGL BNP Paribas is a broker. This gives you access to bespoke, scalable savings and pension solutions as well as a secure regulatory framework. At the same time, you benefit from investment diversification within these life insurance policies.

Our services:

  • Life insurance and capital accumulation products
  •  Solutions tailored to and compliant with the legal and tax requirements of different countries
  • International expertise that caters to your specific needs

Our added value:

Three mix-and-match, modifiable investment options:

  • Euro-denominated funds from the insurer
  • Multi-product offering with a range of selected funds
  • Dedicated investment management

Transferring your estate is an important process that requires long-term planning. Each case is different and depends on your individual objectives and constraints, as well as how you choose to manage your assets, investments and projects. Thanks to a comprehensive understanding of your private and professional wealth, as well as a team of qualified experts, we are ideally placed to help you manage your legacy.

Working alongside your usual advisors (notary, lawyer, accountant, etc.), we help you to plan what will happen to your estate. We take into account your personal and professional objectives, your financial situation and your assets, as well as your regulatory, legal and tax requirements and constraints, whatever your country of residence.

We know that wealth management is something that requires a lifetime of consideration, rather than just the pursuit of short-term financial goals. Your private banker is committed to providing the comprehensive and bespoke management services you need.

  • Protecting your family’s future

BNP Paribas Wealth Management helps you to meticulously plan your legacy for future generations. This may take the form of insurance policies or pension plans that provide guaranteed income or annuities. We also offer long-term solutions to protect your private assets, whether these be properties, investments or financial portfolios.

  • Protecting the future of your business

If you envisage selling or transferring your business, forward planning is essential in securing the maximum value or ensuring the smoothest possible transition.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management works with you to create solutions for your planned sales and purchases, investor relations (shareholders’ agreements, LMBOs, FBOs), asset ownership, and restructuring and consolidation of commercial assets, among other things.

Our Entrepreneur Private Bankers are on hand to discuss your current level of protection. They can help you identify additional needs by assessing the degree of cover most suited to your financial situation.